About Us

Who we are

Hallo and welcome to the Haus of Us - we’re so excited you're stopping by. We are a small family run business (aka two people show) and your support really means the world to us. In fact, every time you make a purchase with us, one of us makes a happy dance.

About Haus Of Us

We are a husband and wife duo with our first little one on the way. We’ve created Haus of Us out of our passion for travelling around the world and love for unique and quirky interior objects.

We believe that the space you create within your home is incredibly important and will influence the way you feel. We want to share with you beautiful products that will put a smile on your face daily and will make your home feel like your sanctuary.

We're always on the look out on the stunning interior and home products, so  we regularly introduce fresh products to our store.

How we do things

We work with suppliers all over the world which enables us to find the best products across many countries, before we ship them to you (wherever you are).

This means that even though we’re Australian owned and based business, your products can be shipped and arrive to you from far and wide. Many of our suppliers are based in PRC.

We can also assure you, that even though we live in the crazy times or world pandemics, natural disasters and international conflicts (that can delay the shipping times beyond our control) we will always do our best to solve any issues that may arise. We pride ourselves in our personal customer care being just a husband and wife duo.

We love hearing from you and we appreciate your reviews and feedback, so feel free to reach out, say hello or share your ideas and suggestions.

Just a little note

Please note, that this website is operated by our parent company Digital Cactus. You may notice this name when you're paying via PayPal, on Credit Card statements or at the footer of our website.